Open Source Color Management

OpenColorIO 1.1.1 documentation

Submitting Changes

Code Review

Ask early, and ask often!

All new contributors are highly encouraged to post development ideas, questions, or any other thoughts to the Mailing Lists before starting to code. This greatly improves the process and quality of the resulting library. Code reviews (particularly for non-trivial changes) are typically far simpler if the reviewers are aware of a development task beforehand. (And, who knows? Maybe they will have implementation suggestions as well!)

GitHub Basics

This will outline the general mechanics of working with git and GitHub to successfully contribute to the project. If any of the terms used are unfamiliar to you please do a quick search and then ask any of the contributors for assistance.

  • Fork the Imageworks OpenColorIO repository

  • Activate Travis-CI and Appveyor for your fork

  • Clone your fork to your local workspace:

    git clone$USER/OpenColorIO.git
  • cd into the cloned directory

  • Connect your cloned repo to the original upstream repository as a remote:

    git remote add upstream
  • You should now have two remotes:

    git remote -v
    origin$USER/OpenColorIO (fetch)
    origin$USER/OpenColorIO (fetch)
    upstream (fetch)
    upstream (push)
  • Pull the latest changes from upstream:

    git checkout master
    git pull upstream master
  • Create a branch for your contribution:

    git checkout -b myFeature
  • Check if it successfully compiles and passes all unit tests

  • Commit your changes:

    git add .
    git commit -m 'Implement my feature'
  • Push your changes back to origin (your fork):

    git push origin myFeature
  • Ensure that all CI tests complete on Travis-CI and Appveyor

  • Visit your fork in a web browser on

  • When ready click the “New pull request” button, make sure it can merge, and add appropriate comments and notes

  • Wait for code review and comments from the community